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Enabling Business in the Digital Era

ATOMIC BINARY, lead by industry seasoned computer scientists who apply critical thinking to solve for our clients and their customers simple and tough business problems with solutions within the digital landscape.

Through numerous projects, we have aided in business transformation helping to create extraordinary experiences for our customers customers, staff and followers.

Our values are the core influence that drives our behavior and decision making, everything we do aligns with our three core values:


  • Respect and Integrity at all times and above all else.
  • There is always a way.
  • Be of value.

Problem Solving

We analysis business problems and provide technology solutions both traditional and creative.

Web Development

We provide full Web Solutions from Design to Development. Whether its a Web Site, webs shop or custom web application.

Software Development

Providing multi-platform Software Development, System Integration, Process Automation and even complex Spreed-sheet Development.

our Work

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Fearless Leader

Davide Filomena

Davide Filomena

Chief Computer Scientist

Davide has been part of the Technology sector for over 20 years, from the humble DOS screen, to native OS applications, to the latest Web platforms, he has designed and delivered multiple technology solutions for numerous customers.

In his words:

No problem is truly unsolvable, if the resources, time, intelligence and will exist, we can find a way. I have yet to meet a business problem we could not solve with technology in some manner, whether its partial improvements or fully automated.

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